Personal Reviews/Notes

This has been raised before, but the last thread died in 2017. I’d like a mechanism for adding my own text/review/notes.

Much like ‘magic names’ for artwork, what if we had a ‘magic name’ for a text file ex: “review.txt” or “notes.txt” That could be used in lieu of, or in conjunction with existing All Music reviews? I have a lot of bootleg albums, and many of them have extensive liner notes/reviews that I’d like to read inside Roon. I also have a bunch of albums that don’t have official All Music reviews, but have been reviewed in other locations. I could just pop them into a text file, in the album’s top level folder, and Roon can pick it up. No need for any fancy formatting — it’s just UTF-8 text.

This may be an easier way than scraping other websites, as others have suggested in the past.


I’ve requested the same repeatedly, there are at least a few threads knocking about here suggesting much the same.

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Roon recognises the presence of (multiple) PDFs in local libraries. Could you not use this to hold your material?

That’d be a crummy workaround. It’s really not that difficult for Roon to recognise biography.txt or review.txt and use accordingly. Reviews in particular should be very simple to accommodate, biographies would require Roon to implement a biographies directory and file name convention in order to link the biography to its matching artist object.

Crummy or not, it works well enough for me. Life’s too short to demand perfection in everything…

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Agreed, it’s a workaround, but I didn’t buy into Roon so I could implement workarounds to compensate for shortcomings they’ve not addressed, especially when it breaks the uniformity of the user experience.

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I do much the same as Geoff,

Find a review
Copy paste into Word
Print to PDF
Dump in album folder


… Or the “crazy” variant :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: : Print as image file and put it into the album folder