Phantom Speakers waiting RAAT certification! [done]

Thought I would share that Devialet support(APAC) just confirmed 100% working, as we speak, on Roon RAAT certification for the Phantom speakers…in fact they are wating for the certificate from Roon any day now…if nothing goes wrong, these are fantastic news!! I was about to put mine in the market… :grin:

This means…Ethernet cable(or Wifi, not likely) into the Phantom’s + Roon App, 192/24 bliss from the couch :sunglasses::partying_face:


If that’s true I can’t wait. :partying_face:

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If that’s a fact, it’s great news!

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This would, when it performs well on 24/192k and multi room, be a reason for me to update to DOS2. So far, I”m doing well with DOS1 and RPi HATs (RAAT enabled) into Phantoms optical inputs.

Hey… looks like the Phantom finally got the RAAT certification and will become Roon Ready with DOS 2.12 !! :heart_eyes: :partying_face:

The update is not available yet, but devialet pushed an update on their website a few days ago, that was since removed… but it was cached by google :wink:

Just google “devialet DOS 2.12 raat certified”


I can confirm that… :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


That’s great news. I just picked up a pair of Golds last week.


No way! You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this. Fantastic news!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I can also confirm that the cached page contains proper marketing lingo for RAAT on Phantoms! Now to get those RPi endpoints back on RAAT to prepare for the Reactors and Golds to join ‘em :slight_smile:

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Fantastic news! Can’t wait to receive the update. Thanks a lot for the info.


Thanks to all of you to test drive hopefully in a few days or weeks Phantom RAAT! I became quite conservative after been a sort of beta tester of the Phantoms early 2015. All in all no regrets, the Phantoms delivered and are delivering best SQ and user friendliness despite a few annoyances and rituals like rebooting every few hours, then days, and now not even months, still on DOS1. I will do the jump to DOS2 after I see stable RAAT on Phantoms reported by you all here. Thanks in advance! As my system now for 4+ years works reliable and stable I have no urge to send my RPi’s to retirement, but hopefully one day it might become a no-brained to do so.


Pretty stable for me already…no rebooting, working great so far…just some re-sampling happening that needs to be fixed… :v:

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@Renato_Semedo: Nice!

My MQA chops are a bit rusty but isn’t that particular track MQA 44.1kHz which means it wouldn’t go higher anyway? Or would the first unfold render it at 88.2kHz? I think not, it would say “MQA 88.2kHz” if that was the case.

Can you post a signal path screenshot of an album that has more than the MQA 44.1kHz encapsulation? I’d be curious how that would look. If I recall correctly (not completely sure), the Phantoms don’t support 88.2kHz playback but they do support 96kHz and 192kHz. They would never output 88.2kHz audio when I ran them with HifiBerry Digi+ HATs, so maybe it’s just that particular format being the issue here.

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… remember this is work in progress between Devialet/Roon…no formal firmware has been released so far…I’ve been advocating for transparency of the certification process for both vendor/Roon… sharing these screenshots is too give hope to all us that have been hoping for this for years now… :smiley:

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Are you adding this sample rate conversion or is it done automatically? I’m using RPi with digi+ hats via optical to my Phantom Golds and can use all sample rates up to 24/192k including 24/176.4k and 24/88.2k . It would be a no go for me if RAAT would limit this for no obvious reason. The built-in DAQ in the Phantoms supports all sample rates.

No, not adding anything…me too…but I’m sure that’s what they are working on, otherwise there’s no sense…

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Thanks for posting the additional shots Renato!

So how do your Phantom Speakers show up in Settings>Audio?

If somebody have the new firmware can he posts a link to download it ? The link on a the cache page isn’t working (it links to the configurator).

Thx in advance :wink: