Physical Master Roon Volume Control Available/Possible?

Hi all. I have finally adopted Roon for whole house audio using RaaT and have a heterogenous setup including an MSB Premier DAC, 2 B&W Formation Wedge speakers, and a Bluesound Mini 2i.

Everything works great and each endpoint has a particular unique volume in relation to all the others and it works very well.

What I’m looking for is the ability to control the whole system’s volume (and mute functionality) from somewhere physical other than the master volume control from within the Roon app. Obviously each endpoint’s volume control or app only controls that respective endpoint or type of unit.

Is there a way to map the master Roon volume control to some kind of physical remote?

Hi Robert,

there have been some efforts to do that in the Tinkering Section. If you want I can move your post there

If that makes the most sense, please!

I’d love to use the Lutron AudioPico control if possible. Does anybody have any ideas on how to integrate this?

Lutron seems to have f*** up their web site really good with geo-IP filters. I can’t even get to their European site - from Europe.
With a proxy (Thor - and possibly an American IP) I could see the content. Nice units for the purpose. Let’s hope someone has the solution for you! Shouldn’t be too hard as Roon has API access for many functions.

EDIT: site is working today so it must have been some temporary error

This is theoretically possible, though requires custom programming. If you have the Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge Pro, it’s possible to use the telnet integration interface to listen for button pushes, and then do things in Roon using the API based on those button pushes. Has nothing to do with having the Sonos Pico; you can do it with any old Pico.

I don’t use Pico button presses to control Roon (I use USB knobs that show up as keyboards), but I do use Picos with this custom script to control HomeKit scenes – same idea, you’re welcome to use the integration code:

I would like to see the Senic Nuimo control. Not cheap, but an excellent and premium way to control volume settings without touching the app.

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Even better! That remote looks awesome!

You may be interested in this thread, which discusses a few other physical knob options: Roon Integration with Nuimo Control?