Physical memory growth issue reoccurs on Ubuntu Server 22.04.4 (ref#JIYCCK)

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Runaway physical memory growth is back (Ubuntu Server 22.04.4)

Describe your network setup

UniFi wired network based on UDM router

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I’m posting this so that Roon staff have another datapoint on this returning issue.

I’ve seen this too. It got so bad I have a root crontab entry to restart the roonserver service every night. It’s a hack but it works.

Tidbit: I have two twin Roon servers, with identical hardware, operating system, and SSD-stored music files. They are in different locations, and I use them according to where I am at the time. Currently, one of them has 7.2GB physical memory, the other one 1.9GB. If the Roon folks want to debug this, comparing the state of those two might be informative.

Memory was growing, from a couple of GB to over 7GB, even though that server was pretty much idle during that period. Database uploaded as Fernando_Pereira_tamarack_db.tgz
Please ignore, database was somehow corrupted, I had to restore from backup.

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