Pi Shortage no better

Just got an email update from CPC for my shipping date for a pi zero 2w I ordered.

Hmmm, doesn’t seem to be an end to this shortage.

That’s a pretty brutal wait…

I know I’ll ring up to verify if it’s a typo as it does seem to be excessive.

It depends on the model as well.

The Zero 2 W is not going to ship this year I expect.
However, the Pi 4 is over here (NL) available by the end of June.

At least that’s what a few shops say :wink:

I wanted the smaller form factor but it looks like I might need to review that.

Possibly old news, but according to this blog post there’s a bigger supply issue with the 40nm parts, used by the Zero 2, than the 28nm parts used by the Pi 4.

My guess is they have simply halted production and given you a date far enough off to cover the worse case scenario — that said I’d probably use another board or buy a used Zero rather than risk an unknown wait.

RPi4 4GB currently in stock at Pimoroni UK. Not much help if you’re looking for smaller form factor and will no doubt be out of stock soon.

There’s a good stock checker at https://rpilocator.com/


There is some stock about if you are willing to buy a kit and/or pay slightly over msrp.
I managed to source both a pi zero 2 w and a pi4 fairly close to retail price in the last couple of weeks.

Pihut have had pi4 kits in stock more or less constantly for the last few month.

The issue is being kits, they tend to be Kano ones I don’t need all the extra stuff they come with so it’s a waste.

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Another update now moved to January 2024 lol. This really is hilarious.