PiCoreplayer on Pi2, not getting DSD to work over HDMI

Hello All,

installed Roon yesterday.
Thanks to this board I found out that when replacing Volumio with PicorePlayer my Pi2 shows up in Roon.

The Pi2 is connected through a cable to the network and through HDMI to a Pioneer AV VX-922 receiver, which supposedly supports DSD.
The Pi plays a number of FLACS 24/192 initially ok, but was getting some dropouts after a while, perhaps I because I am running the roon server through Wifi while indexing my music library.
However I do not get any sound with the three different DSD settings while trying to play a DSD or DSF file. I just hear a faint light clicking from the speakers.

Can somebody point out if I can get the DSD to play on my setup?
Any tips for playing 24Bit FLAC files?

Thanks in advance,


Details in Raspberry Pi -- replace Shairport with piCorePlayer

If you are getting drop outs with FLAC files, check your network for speed and bad hardware. WiFi can be dodge especially if there are other devices using it. I had to replace a switch when I first got going on Roon because it would messed up the network traffic. No problems since installing a new one.

Thanks Peter,

will fix my network against dropouts.
With normal 16bit flac’s there is not much of an issue.

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Dear All,

  • I am still not getting DSD to work on the Pi2 with Picore player.
  • The Pi is connected through a witch to the Pi.
  • The Pi is connected through HDMI to a pioneer receiver, the pioneer is supposed to be able to deal with DSD streams.

I have tried all the possible settings for DSD in the roon menu for the PiCore player, but no sound.

How can I get it to work?

Thanks in advance, Hjalmar

Is your Pioneer AV receiver the VSX-922? If so, I checked the manual and it said that it would accept DSD and convert to PCM.

Can you play a DSD song and then click on the dot to the right of the song at the bottom of the screen? It will bring up the signal path window. Can you post a screenshot of it?

Cheers, Greg

Hello Greg,

thank you for your reply.
my Pioneer is a VSX-921. It is supposed to take on SACD streams in 2 channel… that is all I could find.
A search on the net did not provide much more info.

When connecting the Roon core directly I got sound, but no sound with the Pi2 and picore yet.

These are the settings on my Pi: