Piega Connect Plus Uncertified Roon Ready

Roon Server Machine

MAC Mini M1, 8gb ram Roon Server v2.0 (Build 1359)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

ASUS xt8

Connected Audio Devices

Piega Connect plus - 301 premium wireless gen 2

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Roon Ready certification completed on march 2023

Bought Piega 301, because it was Roon Ready. Setup now and it show as uncertified ROON READY device.

Welcome Andre!

Did you check that you are on the latest firmware for the Piega Connect Plus?

Cheers John.

Reached out to Piega aswell. No way to tell if firmware is updated or not… and no instructions for manual updates as shown above.

There’s an app called Piega Connect available for mobile devices.
Have you tried that?
I have a few devices where firmware is updated via a mobile app.

Wow, the instruction in the manual is missing, that needs to be updated by Piega.
I hope the Piega app can help you checking for the firmware.

Cheers John.

If you enable the device and start playing a song; what does the signal path report?

Hello @Andre_Aamelfot ,

Are you still seeing this issue? I see the PIEGA Connect Plus as being a Roon Ready device in our system, if you have performed the firmware update and are still seeing this after, please do let us know.

The Connect Plus box was stuck on some old firmware. I ended up getting a new Connect+ box from my dealer, and it has worked perfectly since!


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