Pink box of doom.... error loading page

Hi Gang,
Roon has been running fine for months until yesterday when I started getting the above message every time I launch the Windows App.


Windows 7 SP1 64-Bit.
I can ping the rock which is fine - all packets <1ms.
Music is stored on a 2nd HDD in the rock.


Any suggestions ??

Hi @David_Brown Are you still seeing problems?

That’ll be a yes ! :wink:




… and weird, changing from a Static IP to DHCP has fixed it. Nothing else on the network is using a Static IP and the lease was OK. Very odd ! I’ll try changing it back to a Static IP again to see what happens.

Yup, doubly weird, changing back to a static IP knobbles it again.
For now a workaround is to run it from DHCP, but would prefer to run it as a Static IP so we know what’s on the network.

Probably need a second dns entry…try

Sorry, one of the first thing I tried was a third party dns with the static IP, still showed the same problem.
All fine with internal DNS on SBS or external DNS when set to DHCP.
All very odd !

Normally the dns and gateway would be the same with an additional dns typically supplied by your isp or another like the google ones or

You have 2 different ones so I am going to assume they should both be as a likely guess

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Okay, I was concerned that it might be an issue with our servers, but apparently not.