Pink Floyd : ‘Animals’ Deluxe Edition Scheduled For June 2022

Supposed to include 5.1 mix. Is it strange I’m excited for this?


Not strange from my perspective…Animals is my favorite Floyd album.
Of course I’m weird. :upside_down_face:


Animals, tight head prop. Nuff said.


It would be strange if you were not :slightly_smiling_face:


Animals is my fav Floyd album as well! I’ve been waiting for a proper deluxe treatment for the longest. Happy to see that it’s finally happening! Thank you for the heads up @Rugby

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Yes, it is a basically a tie between Animals and Wish You Were Here. I think the top spot changes with the seasons. I noticed I listen to Animals more in the Spring/Summer and Wish You Were Here in the Fall/Winter. Weird? But, great to be able to see when you played stuff in Roon History!

(Now if we only had proper searching tools on the History page :wink:)


My top ranking fluctuates between those two records as well. I also have a soft spot for Meddle - that one’s a bit of a sleeper in the Floyd catalog!


Well, I think it is fair to say, I have a soft spot for “Echoes”. While I love the version on Meddle, the one I play most is the Live in Pompeii (2016 remix) on the “1972 Obfusc/ation” album. That album has the whole of the Pompeii concert and is the best in that series of releases (imho of course).3

Side Note. Also a call out to the cover of “Echoes” by Rodrigo y Gabriela on their album " Mettavolution". And, if you haven’t heard this version jamie, you should absolutely put it in your Queue.


:100: :fist:t2:

Queued up!

Meddle is outstanding in the Surround version.

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This is worth a read

“(1). I am agreeing to the release of the new Animals remix, with the sleeve notes removed. Good work James Guthrie by the way, and sorry Mark Blake. The final draft of the liner notes was fact checked and agreed as factually correct by me, Nick and Gilmour. Here they are, enjoy, there’s nothing controversial, just a few simple facts.”

How on earth can you best the original on vi…:grin:


No crackles on my Japanese pressing…

The 2016 vinyl pressing is equally good as the original to my ears. :exploding_head:

this version was announced last year but - as we know - Gilmour and Waters argue about everything. There is currently no new edition of “Animals” scheduled for 2022. Source: Warner Music

Really ? I thought final confirmed ETA is June 2022. Where did you see it is waved off ?

It’s here! My copy showed up today. Quite a trip. Be prepared to hear things you’ve never heard before…
[edit] I bought the SACD - just noticed the Blu-Ray is ten bucks cheaper. Go figure.

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It’s a wonderful album and the 2018 remix is very good.

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The 2018 remix in HiRes is as good aurally as anything released today. I’ve read and heard commentators saying variously that the guitars, bass, vocals, drums, keyboards have been “brought to the front.” But if they have all been “brought to the front” then what is left in the back? Instead, I think that the amazing work using the original tapes has clarified all the sounds so that the listener can now enjoy all the elements without a “Walll of sound” (no pun intended).

Anyway, the real reason I’m posting is that after adding the 2018 Remix, I no longer see my previous version of Animals in my Roon menu collection. It is still showing up in my Roon Core database, however. (This is odd in that my two versions of “Dark Side of the Moon” (studio and Wembley Stadium) both show up in my Roon menu.) Any of you have that issue?

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Yep, the remix is now my “Primary Version” and the Tidal version is still listed under “versions” but not “albums”. I think that the metadata gnomes will have to fix that. Post under support/metadata issues & maybe they can fix it.

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