Pioneer N-50AE streamer - only 16bit/44,1 Khz

Hello, I’m new, I hope to write in the right place :crossed_fingers:. Roon is truly a fantastic environment to enjoy the music at 360 degrees, but …
With my endpoint it’s impossible, I hope at least for now, to fully enjoy the music in high resolution. In fact my Pioneer N-50AE wired in the LAN network is not present in the database and the audio can be carried only in Airplay and Chromecast, so it does not go with RAAT. I know Roon does not support UPNP/DLNA so I have no solutions to go over 16/44.1 Khz.
I mainly listen to streaming Tidal service and would like to fully enjoy MQA. I’ve tried various settings but it does not seem to work beyond CD quality. So my endpoint is not Roon ready, is there any hope for the future?
I use the latest version of the app on my macOS High Sierra 10.13.4, connected by cable in the LAN. The Pioneer N-50AE is updated to the latest firmware
Thanks for any suggestions.

Unless Pioneer choose to adopt Roon, your two options are a Roon capable network adaptor like a Raspberry Pi. Connect that to your USB and so long as the USB input can deal with MQA you should be good. Note not all can. A lot of people are doing via the Ethernet only. The other option is more expensive. A device called a UPnP Bridge will identify itself as a Squeezebox device to Roon and then forward files to the Pioneer over Ethernet. This _should _ be transparent to MQA and will work up to 192/24. Interestingly companies such as Teac have adopted Roon so perhaps Pioneer could be encouraged to do so with what is obviously a nicely specified streamer.

Thanks for the advice, I will try the solution UPnP Bridge (I hope to find someone to send in Italy) and I will encourage as much as possible Pioneer to adopt Roon. I think it can be a commercial opportunity for them too.

You could also use a microRendu. Ethernet IN / USB out. It should be able to plug into the USB-DAC connector on the back of the Pioneer.

Your streamer is MQA enabled,do you realy have Tidal HIFI ?

I no longer have it, however I had Tidal Hifi

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