Pioneer N-70AE with Roon

Not sure if i am posting in the right section but I just brought a Pioneer N-70AE and wanted to know if it will still be able to play using Roon from my PC?

This isn’t a Roon Ready device so your options are limited to Chromecast (I think this streamer is only capable of 44.1kHz) or connecting it to a seperate network streamer–such as a Raspberry Pi–using USB or S/PDIF (with suitable hat).

Alternatively, you could connect the N-70 to the PC directly using USB and enable that in Roon under Setup > Audio.

So what your saying is that the Pioneer N-70 will not work over my network ? if connected directly to the internet …
I understood that the Pioneer wasn’t Roon ready
And currently using a OPPO 203 to stream from my Pc but wanted to buy a dedicated streamer which the Pioneer is well built well spec streamer

The Pioneer won’t work as a Roon network streamer using RAAT. You can use Chromecast with Roon (and therefore the N-70) but no HQ audio–this is a limitation in the N-70 not Roon. Roon’s Chromecast integration is very good.

I stopped the order now but looking for a well built and good spec with a good Dac inside streamer and the only streamers i can think of is the Cambridge 851N that has good spec but its an older model

Cambridge Audio CXN V2 is also Roon ready