Platin Hub - Roon Ready “Any Day Now”

Roon certification of the Platin hub has been “any day now” for over a year. According to Platin, “Roon is still in certification at Roon side - we are waiting for their reply. We have been waiting for quite some time now…”

Can Roon provide some details as to where certification stands? Thanks

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Roon would tell you (I think), “Certification will take as long as it takes.” You might have more luck with Platin.

Old axiom.
Never buy anything for what it might do, only what it does right now.

Quite a few major manufacturers have been caught out by the integrity of Roon Certification.

I was thinking of swapping out the Platin hub for the Primare SC15 but that doesn’t seem to be Roon Ready either. I’m learning!

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Despite Roon Readiness, is that little box stable and bug free?

Been using it for 3 months and so far no issues.

Any update on certification?

No update from Platin.

something is happening, but there’ not a lot of other info afaict Title of Page