Platin PTX stereo and HTX surround sound hubs roon ready?

Buchardt has been promising that the Platin stereo WiSA hub will be roon ready for a long while. Will it soon be 2 years? More recently they seem to have lost interest and are promoting a Primare WiSA hub as a solution instead.

I recently noticed this in the Danish market.

From the pictures the device (externally at least) is pretty much identical to the hub that Buchardt originally bundled with their A500 and A700 speakers:

  1. Is this Platin PTX WiSA stereo hub really roon ready? It says it is on this link but I do not see any confirmation on the roon Partner page.

  2. I assume that if it is WiSA it should just work with any WiSA speaker like the A500 or A700.

There is also a PTX Atmos surround sound version which also claims to be roon ready:

Can anyone shed any light on this?