"Play Album" on multi-disc albums

only plays the disc you’re looking at. I’d say the album is all the discs.

Is it the name ‘play album’ or the functionality that’s in question?

I can’t replicate. “Play Album” and then “Play Now” loads tracks from all disks into the queue for me on 3 different multidisc albums. Clicking the Disk and “Play Now” loads tracks from that disc only.

Is the issue isolated to some albums only or across the board ?

Now I know what happened…
1- I added the album to the queue
2- On the album (not the queue display) I selected “play from here” (hold down then go to the top and hit “play from here”)

Step ‘2’ cleared the queue and played from that song but only the disc I was on.

I don’t think this is a bug - I should’ve gone to the queue to play from there.

Album was Moby’s “Almost Home: Live at the Fonda, LA”. Great album… :wink:

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I do have to say that I find the queue method a bit disconcerting at times even though I’ve used it for so long. I suppose I am too used to the iTunes paradigm.

Thanks for reminding me to rip my Moby CDs. I knew I was missing something. :grinning:

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