Play count glitch


just confirmed (already saw this once but wasn’t sure) play count increases if you stop/resume playing :0
it happens if/when you do it past halfway through the track

How are you stopping? We’re aware of an issue where play count will increase if you leave Roon paused for more than 5 seconds, and then start playback again. This should register like a normal pause, but the issue is that Roon releases the DAC after 5 seconds, and then logs another play when you restart playback.

We’re going to get that resolved, but let me know if that doesn’t sound like your issue. And thanks for the report!

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ok, so it’s the same issue

I only noticed it a couple of times when I stopped playing to answer a phone call then resumed minutes later

I was playing an album with build 157 for the first time tonight while chatting with people and had to pause and resume a few times. I noticed that when I got to the end, several of the songs has play counts > 1 even though I had not stopped or replayed any song from the beginning – only paused and resumed.

I don’t recall this behavior previously, is it new in 157?

Hi Mike,

I’ve moved your post here. I believe it’s a known issue and I don’t think it’s been fixed yet.

Let’s ask @support about it.

Cheers, Greg

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Yup, this is still open in our bug tracker. We’ll get to it @Mike_Pinkerton!

And thanks @Greg!


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