Play files koded 24 bitar 88,.2 kHz on NAD M33 will not work

Play files koded with 24 bitar 88,.2 kHz on NAD M33 will not work. It works on my other devices; Meridian 218, iPad Pro, Mac OS.

I first notice the problem when I tried to play: Jazz at the Pawnshop, remasters. I use Qobuz for streaming music. I have also tried with the “The Vision of Her” with David Elias, that I hav downloaded I difrent file formats from Blue Coast music. I have tested to play the song in follow formats and different resulotiun: MP3, Flac, Wav, DSD and MQA format. All versions will be able to play except Wav and Falc kodad wit 24 bitar 88.2 kHz

This seems to be a Dirac problem. If I set Dirac off it will pie possible to play 24/88.2 files. If Dirac is on it will not play, but if I start to play the file with Dirac of and then put Driac on the M33 accept the data stream and play it under Dirac support. For me I seems to be a “hand-shake problem” between Roon and NAD M33.

I see forward to Roon upgrade or NAD M33 firmware uppgrade :slight_smile:

Nad problem

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