"Play from here" must have suboptions

It looks like changed upon time.
Now this choice= play right now
In fact we need suboptions: Add next OR Add to Queue

Have you tried right mouse klick or pressing it a little lonfer. There are your sub options

I think it was possible before latest update -not now :confused:

It is still possible, click on the track (not the button).

i select 1 track in this case -i need to select all next tracks starting from this
and then
start to play from here
add “this list” NEXT for playing
add “this list” to queue

It looks as such behaviour was deprecated (???)

PS “this list” means -all album tracks starting from pressed

@Carl - I’ve seen folks mention the “Play from here” menu option a couple of times, e.g. @andybob here:

The thing is - I don’t see this menu option at all.

Roon 408

Now, I know that if I have the one-click play icon by the track set to “Play from here”, then I would get the “Play from here” action by clicking the icon. However, if I have the action set to “Play only the selected track”, then there seems to be no way of quickly “Playing from here” with a given track in an Album listing or in a Playlist - I have to first select all the subsequent tracks as well, as @Sergey_Revkov says.

Click or touch a non-playing track name rather than selecting the track or using the track Play icon:


Aha! Gotcha - I was right-clicking, rather than just clicking… Sometimes simplicity in a UI masks functions a wee bit too much for my old brain…

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Hi jacking the thread very slightly. But this is one of the things with the UI that needs a rethink (I think). Like credits. Credits are fantastic for finding relationships between music. Click the album credits and you get a full list. But you also have track credits. Almost always for me the track credits are pretty meaningless - they have the artist and album name. Not much to link on there (I’m already looking at the artist and the album). So I figure “credits aren’t much use”. Yesterday I discover that track credits and album credits aren’t the same (I wrote off credits entirely) and that there is huge value in them.

Here we have play options. But don’t click the playing track. Or the one at the top. Or the play icon next to the track. Click the track name… we’ve had suggestions of long click. Right click. It’s down to the right type of click in the right place (and knowing about it).

I think the Ui has grown and more options added as functionality added - but sometimes it needs a rethink of the current functionality to make the new and existing be harmonious.

Of course if Roon ever does change existing UI then we will shout from the rooftops on here :stuck_out_tongue: damned if you do. Damned if you don’t. Boy isn’t making software for a passionate audience fun? :slight_smile: