"Play from Here" pop up doesn't always pop up

Samsung Android Galaxy Tab S6 (newest version). Runs android 9, I think.

If I long press on a song in the queue, sometimes it highlights and sometimes I get the little pop up that says ‘Play from Here’ and something else. I want the ‘play from here’ to always pop up.

Anyone else have this inconsistency? Am I doing it wrong? Probably am.

I had this recently on my iPad at the weekend (latest build). I don’t usually use it much though for that feature so can’t reliably say if it is a recent issue.

I can confirm it is a bug, of sorts. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Also does not work on Pixe 3 running Android 10.

Will check Windows 10 over the weekend.

Hi @RickInHouston,

What kind of tracks do you have added to your queue? Are you shuffling a playlist? Starting an album?

Do let me know if you see this behavior on Windows 10 as well, that would be a useful data point.

I am in a queue of songs and want to jump 6, 8 songs or so ahead and don’t want to next, next, next but jump ahead. I long press and sometimes it just highlights and sometimes the box with arrow pops up that says play from here and something else. I prefer the box to always pop up but it doesn/t.

Hi @RickInHouston,

Yes, I understand this part, but what I am inquiring about there is how was the queue formed in the first place? Did you start the queue off of an album? Off of a playlist? Are the tracks you added local tracks or TIDAL/Qobuz tracks?

Oh, sorry.

A playlist was added to the queue. My own library of music. From a NAS ethernet attached to the network.

Hi @RickInHouston,

Thanks for the additional info. I don’t have an Android device on my end, but I have been trying to reproduce your findings using local content and it appears to be working as expected on Windows 10 and iPhone X.

I wonder if this is part of the issue, on my end I only do a single tap to get the “Play from here” to show up, not a long-press. If you do a single tap, does that allow the “play from here” to consistently show up?

It would be interesting to know if the same behavior occurs on your end on Windows, so do let me know how testing that goes.

Again. And again. And again. It’s all my fault.

I must have always been long pressing, so very sorry.

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No worries @RickInHouston, glad we could clarify the behavior :slight_smile:

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