Play music from Roon server through DAC attached to "remote"?

I’m thinking I should be able to do this, but not working for me.

I have Roon server installed on a Mac Mini. My music is stored on a drive directly attached to the server via Firewire, and the \Music directory on that drive is a watched folder on the server.

The server has located most / all of my 80k+ tracks and I don’t seem to have any problems playing to devices directly attached to the Mini (e.g., my Geek Out 720 via USB, my Pioneer SC-81 via HDMI or DLNA, etc.). My most common use, though, would be playing through a DAC attached via USB to my “remote” system . . . which I thought would work

. . . but when I try it, it more often than not fails to play and claims my files are “corrupt” (they’re not). What’s odd is that sometimes it works just fine, which makes me think it should work, but maybe I’m doing something wrong.

Any ideas on this? Is this a capability that I should have or no? If so, what could be going wrong? If not, why not?