Play, previous, next greyed out, no playlist

I have roon server running on a dedicated machine and use several endpoints including airplay devices, a raspberry pi and PCs. All was fine until recently the PCs do not show as endpoints anymore from remote apps (android). I cannot adress them via remote.

The local roon clients sort of work, i.e. I can can browse the library and select a song or album to play to the local output device, but there is no display of time left, previous, next and play/pause. Also, the playlist is claimed to be empty while I can play an album (which is a playlist).

I have attached a screenshot

to illustrate the issue. The endpoint emotiva does not show in the android app.

Any suggestions?

Sounds like a bad state. Have you restarted all the devices ?

Disabled all devices, then enabled them again, starting with the one not working properly. Everything well again. Thank you.

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Pleased to hear it Joachim. As you will appreciate, no one can explain why software somehow gets itself into this position (I blame cosmic rays, others subtle bugs). Please post again if it recurs, particularly if you can reproduce any series of steps that results in this behaviour.

Andrew, unfortunately the cosmic rays hit again:

I am able to play to my endpoints, but cannot stop, skip, go back etc. Also, when using Android as remote for my endpoints, the display does not show the selected album or track but the albums (or source in case of web radio) that were active before.

Uninstall and install of server does not help.

Again, any suggestions apart from stopping and starting devices. Also, what is the proper way to do that. I disabled them in audio, then enabled them again.

Hi Joachim,
Sorry to hear that. Let’s drop a flag for @Support to drop in and investigate.

@Joachim_Herbert ---- My apologies for the slow response and the inconvenience here. In order to better understand the issue you are having I’d like yo ask you for the following screen shots. Please see below. Thanks!

  1. Can you please provide a screen shot from your core machine of the different end points you are seeing in roon found under the “audio tab” in settings as seen here:

  1. On your android remote can you please hit “disconnect” found under library in the general tab and provide a screen shot as seen here:

I look forward to your feedback and getting this straightened out for you!


Attached please find the requested screenshots. Unfortunately I am not able to do screenshots of roon core, as this is a headless server.

The screenshots showing audio devices were made from my pc.

I have updated all devices to the latest roon, but this did not change anything.