Play Track window rendering issue

I’m having a few random rendering issues when I select a track for playback. By toggling back and forth between both Windows eventually the correct rendering will appear. I’ve enclosed the following photos for your review.


Windows 7 Ultimate
Intel Core i3-2100 Sandy Bridge Dual-Core 3.1GHz
16 GB Ram
1080p Standard Monitor

If the error you are pointing out is the missing “Add Next” and “Add To Queue” buttons, this is actually intended behavior.

The next/queue buttons only appear when they would have a different effect than “play now”.

If you have an empty queue/transport, then all three buttons would do the same thing, so the redundant ones are hidden.

If I’ve missed the issue, please let me know.

Thanks for the response Brian,

Indeed the condition am talking about are the missing “Add Next” and “Add To Queue” buttons. I understand the logic behind the design philosophy and will review my track selection patterns.

As a side note, the aesthetics and rich metadata features of this program truly are stellar. Still navigating my way through the software functions and features and greatly appreciate your assistance.

Best regards,

Tom Garcia

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