Playback doing a small skip at same point in track on Roon but OK on Tidal Connect


Tidal Masters via Roon Core on Synology NAS. All working fine until about 2 weeks ago after installing Roon ARC update. Fount small skips on some tracks. Found I could repeat the issue on the same track in the same place. David Bowie, Man Who Sold The World - All the Madmen between 1:14 and 1:15. repeatable on all devices , iPad, Android 12 phone and Windows 11 Laptop. Synology NAS Core is one of only 2 apps running in Docker. RAM Usage 2.4GB of 4gb, Total CPU Usage including Roon 35% CPU peak. I tried - deleting cache on all App devices and restarting Roon. I delted teh Cache folders from within the install. Connections to NAS are Ethernet x2. Roon Endpoint is ARCAM AVR30 on ethernet. I swapped out the switch. Problem persisted. I backed up my Roon database on the NAS. Created a new core on my windows PC and the track played fine. I restored my NAS Roon database backup onto the PC and the problem reappeared. It looks like Roon is caching the music file?!

Hey @Jan_Chadaj,

To confirm, are you hearing this skip while streaming the song from Arc, or as a Roon Remote? I just gave the track a listen on my end and wasn’t able to reproduce.

If you could please reproduce the issue on your end and share a timestamp of when it occurs, that would be helpful :+1:

The small glitch is on Roon, not on Arc.
The timestamp is as the timer goes between 1:14 and 1:15.
A fresh install of Roon does not do it.
I have the backup file of the installation that does and if I restore this I can repeat the error.

Do you have Roons MQA core decoder active? If so try disabling it to see if this changes anything in regards to the skipping. If it does then reactivate it and play the song again monitoring Roons signal path to see if the processing speed drops at the skip point.

Thanks for this. The only places I see MQA decoding in Roon are on my endpoint device (ARCAM AVR30) and I can choose between “no MQA” “Decoder and Renderer” “Decoder only” “Renderer only”.
Then in General settings MQA preferences. How to treat MQA file priorities.

Would turning off my endpoint MQA as a renderer force Roon to do it?



You need MQA core decoder active in Roon advanced device settings then it will use it and set your device to renderer only. Then if you are using dsp it will maintain MQA signalling.

Many thanks for that - hadn’t found that setting. I will have to restore my corrupt backup to test it as I have run a new version and lost all my history to fix the issue.

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