Playback fails with Mac Core, Drobo, and Sonos

I installed roon on a Mac OS 10.12.3
I am using a SONOS system
The different SONOS components and the Mac are connected via Wifi
Much of my music is stored on a Drobo storage device
I am also a registered user of TIDAL lossless.

Unfortunately, I can’t use Roon.
Each time I try to play something - it plays for a few seconds ( 10-20 ) after which it stops with a message that Roon lost control (or something very similar).

Roon marketing/billing department extended my trial period and suggested I solve this with the Roon support team.

I am trying to do this now. Appreciate your assistance.

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Get wired. Would be my advice.

Well at least try wiring the Mac directly to your router as a test.


Maybe you should provide some extra info. Is your Drobo wired? Does the Sonos application work from your Mac?

Hi @Arie_Nadler – sorry for the trouble here. Would you mind copying a file or two to the Mac’s internal hard drive?

I’d like to see if you’re having the same issues if we take the network storage device out of the equation. If things are stable with the music stored on the same device as your Core, we’ll know a lot more about where things are going wrong.

If you’re having the same issue with music stored with the Core, we’ll know this issue is more likely related to the network in general, the Core machine, or the Sonos devices.

Let me know when you’ve run that test or if you need more information about what I’m suggesting, and we’ll go from there. Thanks!