Playback issue with Roon and Devialet Phantom Silver (2015)

Roon Core Machine

2014 Mac Mini, Mac OS Big Sur, 16Gb RAM


Networking Gear & Setup Details

Everything: Mac, Phantoms, Dialog, is connected via Ethernet to a Netgear switch itself connected to my internet router.

Connected Audio Devices

The 2015 Silver Phantoms (Gen 1) are not Airplay capable but the Dialog Gen 2 is.
However Airplay has never worked for me here hence the choice of Ethernet.

Library Size

Description of Issue

Dear All,

I have an annoying problem when streaming from Roon to my Devialets, every 20 minutes of so, playback stops and the blue “Manage Audio Zones” button reappears in Roon. Sometimes I am able to select the Phantoms again remotely through my iPhone Roon app but sometimes I am not able to. I then have to go to my Mac to select the Devialet device again and start playback again or even restart Roon entirely.

I think they are a few Devialet users on this forum so hopefully someone help me fix this.

Thx & Rgrds

Hello @Stephane_Yver,

Thanks so much for letting us know of the issue you ran into. We’re so sorry :pleading_face:

You mentioned Phantoms, so I imagine they are grouped together. Could you please connect each Phantom individually - does this happen with any of the Phantoms? After that, could you please connect just one and try to play some music, and then group the second one and try to play some music, and then one by one through all the Phantoms you have. When does the issue starts appearing?

Before this, could you please try rebooting your Roon Core (quit Roon, turn off the Mac Mini, unplug it for a few minutes and then get it all started again)?

Also, could you make sure that your Devialet Phantoms are updated to the latest firmware version?

Many thanks :pray:

Hi Rebeka,

Thx for your help.
Unfortunately, I tried all of that but the connection between my Mac Mini and my Devialet still drops after while.
Any idea what could causing the loss of connection between Roon and the Phantoms ? Any log files available ?

Hey @Stephane_Yver,

Thank you so much for following up and for your your patience while Monday rolled around and we returned to work :nerd_face:.

I do appreciate you taking the time to explore and try out all the tests I suggested :pray:

Based on your logs, it seems that the Devialets are trying to connect over and over and over again and failing…:pensive:

This would point to either an issue with the Devialets themselves, or with the network. To rule out the networking issues, could you please try to stream music to anything else but the Devialets.

For example, could you please play to System Output? Does that work?