Playback of Atmos

Currently there are no way to get Atmos output (even from Atmos source) via Roon. I would like that :slight_smile:


Me too. :wink:

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Agreed! Just got the new Sonos Arc which supports Atmos. Would love to be able to use Roon to play Atmos soundtracks.

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You & us both, Tor!



Nice to see you here as well Jon; I’ve only had dialogue with you via e-mail before (and the fantastic Trinnov webinars of course).

I am the designated first point of contact when things involving a Trinnov unit escalate beyond what Roon can easily handle on its own. I don’t spend a lot of time on the forum (too busy), but I do lurk occasionally. :wink:

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Another vote here for Atmos playback support in Roon . The best thing to come out of lockdown is the time to play some great re-issued music from the likes of REM , Rolling Stones , Beatles , John Lennon and Prince in Dolby Atmos . Roon support would be hugely popular if , as seems likely , more releases appear . Mixer Steven Wilson ( of Porcupine Tree fame ) who has worked with King Crimson ,Yes , Tears for Fears and Jethro Tull and Opeth among many others has recently upgraded his studio setup with help from Dolby Inc. to include Atmos capability which will feature on his own next release ‘The Future Bites’ in January 2021



I would hugely welcome dolby atmos support in Roon from Tidal.

I do not have a high end atmos surround system, but I do have an AVR based atmos setup with height speakers. It shares the same amp and speaker as my stereo (its a hybrid AV+HT Bypass Hifi system with the quality focus on the stereo music part), but of course I have to put up with the vastly inferior pre-amp of the AVR.

For music, especially electronic music produced for atmos, then I actually dont mind compromising a bit on pure quality for the additionally immersive experience of a good atmos (or even surround) mix. It is another way to enjoy music and indeed a highly immersive surround/atmos production is a different experience to well present stereo music and I can imagine many people being quite happy to sacrifice a little of their stereo quality for a more immersive quality with surround at times.

For connection convenience - probably HDMI out of a NUC running ROCK into my AVR would be good (same for PCs and Mac).


Well it didn’t happen with 1.8 unfortunately… Maybe 1.9 ?

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I thought this article, which mentions Roon, might be relevant for this thread: Atmos Music: A World Beyond Movies

I will continue to live in hope that Roon might become one of the solutions for people who love immersive 3D music but want a lossless alternative to physical media.

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Me too! I’m surprised this hasn’t been requested by more people when Tidal supported Atmos last year. Now with all the news on Apple Music Dolby Atmos support recently, hopefully someone at Roon is looking into this…

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More and more really great Atmos stuff showing up on Tidal. Please find a way to support this Roon.

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Is it labeled Atmos in Tidal or 360?

360 and Atmos get their individual labels.

Adding suggestion for Atmos on Apple Music. Seems Apple’s Atmos selection is as good, if not better, than Tidal’s.

Apple Music is not happening. Search other threads.

100% agree. This is my number one desire from Roon and I imagine that desire will grow with each passing day. I just started a thread about this yesterday asking for any kind of official stance or mention of intention by Roon team. Glad to see others would also like Atmos support in Roon. It seems a logical feature inclusion and right in Roon’s wheelhouse as a product. Roon team, please consider this strongly - it seems Atmos isn’t going anywhere and we finally have streaming surround music. From a business perspective, I doubt Roon wants customers spending more time in Apple Music and Tidal :wink:

I’m surprised too. I mean anyone only has to listen to the Atmos version of Riders on the Storm and you’ll want more of this.

+1 on the Atmos request.

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I support this!

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