Playback of Atmos

Currently there are no way to get Atmos output (even from Atmos source) via Roon. I would like that :slight_smile:


Me too. :wink:

Agreed! Just got the new Sonos Arc which supports Atmos. Would love to be able to use Roon to play Atmos soundtracks.

You & us both, Tor!


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Nice to see you here as well Jon; I’ve only had dialogue with you via e-mail before (and the fantastic Trinnov webinars of course).

I am the designated first point of contact when things involving a Trinnov unit escalate beyond what Roon can easily handle on its own. I don’t spend a lot of time on the forum (too busy), but I do lurk occasionally. :wink:

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Another vote here for Atmos playback support in Roon . The best thing to come out of lockdown is the time to play some great re-issued music from the likes of REM , Rolling Stones , Beatles , John Lennon and Prince in Dolby Atmos . Roon support would be hugely popular if , as seems likely , more releases appear . Mixer Steven Wilson ( of Porcupine Tree fame ) who has worked with King Crimson ,Yes , Tears for Fears and Jethro Tull and Opeth among many others has recently upgraded his studio setup with help from Dolby Inc. to include Atmos capability which will feature on his own next release ‘The Future Bites’ in January 2021



Me too! I’m surprised this hasn’t been requested by more people when Tidal supported Atmos last year. Now with all the news on Apple Music Dolby Atmos support recently, hopefully someone at Roon is looking into this…