Playback on MacBook Pro (May 2023) Sent to Internal Speakers not Bluetooth Headphones

Core: MacMini (2018 - 3.6 GHz i3) Sonoma 14.3 Roon Server 2.0 Build 1359

Remote: MacBook Pro (M3) Sonoma 14.3 Roon 2.0 Build 1359

Description of Issue

I have Sony WH-1000XM2 connected to the MacBook Pro via bluetooth. Playbook on MacBook Pro goes to the internal speakers instead of the headphones. No issues playing other audio on MacBook through the headphones (Apple Music, etc.) in place of the internal speakers.

@James_Szostek, if the Sony headphones are connected to your MBPro, you need to select System Output not your MBPro’s speakers in Roon’s Audio Settings. You also need to make sure the Sony headphones are set to the System Output on your MBPro.

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Robert, thanks for the note. I only have access to System Output through my Roon Server - the MacMini. I do have the headphones set as output on the MacBook Pro.

Can you post a screenshot of what Roon’s Settings → Audio is showing?

Here you go

A couple of questions:

  1. Is the current Build 1359 version of Roon installed on all of your Macs?
  2. Have you rebooted all three Macs (the iMac, the mini, and the MBPro)?

May also go to the mac’s Audio Midi Setup app and make your Sony headphones default output. Then see if it shows up in Roon.