Playback on Sonos One SL stops shortly before track ends

Roon Core Machine

Linux (unRAID), Intel Xeon CPU E3-1245 v3 @ 3.40GHz, 32GB RAM, Roon running in Docker image

Networking Gear & Setup Details

FritzBox router with GBit LAN and 2.4/5GHz WiFi, Netgear switch with Gbit LAN

Connected Audio Devices

Chromecast Audio (WiFi), 4x Sonos One SL (all Sonos net through LAN), 2 of them grouped and 2 single ones

Number of Tracks in Library

13000 tracks

Description of Issue

My Sonos speakers are set (in Roon) to crossfade tracks (8 secs) and auto volume levelling. When playing a Tidal playlist of about 280 tracks, playback stops regularly at regular intervals (at least every 8-10 tracks) just before the end of a track. I then need to hit play again using the Roon app. Then playback resumes for a few tracks but then the exact same issue happens again.

I’m also using a Chromecast Audio where crossfade is smooth and works for hours non-stop. Crossfade on the Sonos speakers is terrible by contrast. Playback stopping altogether is worst, but even consecutive tracks don’t really crossfade for 8 seconds. Instead, the previous track stops and the new one begins immediately.

Any help would be much appreciated as this makes the combination of Roon and my Sonos speakers near impossible to use. Thanks very much.

Alex I tend to not recommend volume leveling or cross fade with Roon and Sonos.

Some of my least reliable Roon frustrations have been when this has been turned on.
Turn it off and the reliability return’s and all is good.

Probably not the answer you want but sadly it’s been my experience of Roon and Sonos.

Thanks very much for your reply. Do you have any idea why this is? I’m not playing back any Hi-Res Audio, just normal Tidal MP3s. Surely, both Roon and Sonos should handle this task, no?
Who’s the culprit here, Roon or Sonos or both? Thanks again.

Alex I have no idea to be honest.
I just found them both to be unreliable between Roon and Sonos.
I use it to my Bluesound and other RAAT device with never a drop on this, but my newer Roon server is more powerful than the one I used a few years ago when last I tested this.