Playback only works from My Qobuz?

I’m in UK, running Roon on Nucleus. No problems running Tidal, searching etc. But Qobuz loads Albums eventually, complaining of slow network load times ? Can play any Qobuz tracks, just skips and transport stops, but if I play tracks from My Qobuz, the tracks play fine

@Noris. Yes having issues playing and Qobuz tracks/albums, whether added to the Roon library or not. I can play Qobuz tracks which are in the MyQobuz section, but nothing else from Qobuz, I just get transport errors before transport halts the process. I have tried changing sync times on transport setup which is a Linn Klimax streamer - I’m using a Nucleus+ and only appear to be getting slow network issues in Roon, since updating to 1.6
Everything else Tidal, library, etc… works fine

Hey @Evo1668 – does this happen to other audio zones? Like playing to a laptop?

Can you give us the details of your setup?

Yes I have Roon on my iMac in my office/study and same thing happens as playing on streamer in Lounge or streamer in kitchen
Roon running on Nucleus+ OS V1.0 (159) Labs V 1.0 (159) Server 1.6 (390)
iMac 10.14.12 running Roon 1.6
Linn Klimax DS Katalyst
Linn Sneaky DS
iPad Air2 running latest Roon version

Music is stored on a Synology NAS
All devices (exc iPad above) are hard wired Lan connections to network Switch/router

Hi @Evo1668,

Does streaming work from the Qobuz app as expected?

Edit: Also please see this thread

– Noris

I just got to that link and set up a free account subscription, it is all working fine now…thanks

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