Playback pausing restarting

Roon Server Machine

Nucleus Plus>LINN Selekt DSM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Century Link fiber>copper>Aris wifi6 mesh router with 1 satellite>Trend unmanaged switch>Nucleus Plus with Seagate 8TB HD connected to Nucleus via USB via ethernet-no VPN

Connected Audio Devices

Nucleus Plus>8TB Seagate HD (formatted exFAT)

Number of Tracks in Library

175,000+ TRACKS

Description of Issue

I have been having this issue for a very long time when playing the tracks will pause, then come back, sometimes on it’s own, others when I have to reboot the DSM and the Nucleus plus. You can check today 1/17/24 between 2:15pm PST-2;30. Today it wouldn’t come back at all so it is now unusable. PLEASE NOTE THIS: When playing from the LINN app or the LINN KAZOO app there are no issues. It does not matter where I play from, Qobuz, Tidal, or the NAS. I have been in contact with LINN and had the DSM checked. It has been found to be fine, they also mentioned others have this same issue. Can you please do something about this, the problem has been narrowed down to ROON not streaming the ones and zeros back to the device. I’d appreciate you’re attention to this. NOTE: I have tried all of the obvious, rebooting both Nucleus Plus and DSM, powered on-off etc… I have not attempted reinstalling the Operating System on it’s own.
UPADTE; Today 1/20 ROON stopped playing completely and has become totally unusable. I WOULD ASK THAT MY NUCLEUS PLUS BE SENT TO YOU FOR YOUR INSPECTIO. I went back to the local dealer I purchased it from, he stated he is NO longer a ROON dealer as he dropped the line a few months back. Please do this I have been experiencing these problems for a long time now and would like it looked at, I say again this has been to been determined to be a ROON issue by several sources. Please make arrangements to ship this to you. I just did another power recycle, third in three days.

Hi @Robert_Zinn,

Thank you for your post and for your patience in awaiting a staff response. We’ve activated diagnostics mode and reviewed previous threads you’ve posted concerning dropouts on your endpoints with this Nucleus+.

There’s no diagnostic evidence of hardware failure on this Nucleus+ in available logs.
You can attach the HDMI output of the Nucleus+ to any monitor for a diagnostic report to verify, or if the web administration shows an obvious error message, you can create a topic thread including a screenshot.

Here’s what we know for certain: RoonServer is logging network vulnerability in the upstream connection of this Nucleus+, either as a result of topology, settings, or third-party security on the network. This is directly affecting playback. More precisely:

  • There are consistent timeouts to Qobuz and Tidal servers, as well as network reachability changes in the Nucleus+ upstream connection.
  • These correlate to the timestamps above as well as earlier timestamps in previous threads.
  • Enterprise-grade security or proxy servers appear to be involved with this Nucleus+ connection, based on the limited information available to our servers.
  • Dropouts associated with the Linn within the time window of available logs are caused by timeouts to Tidal’s servers, not with Roon’s connection to Linn.

Here’s what you can try:

  • If you’re using any sort of proxy server, VM, VPN, or enterprise connection, try without it on a standard residential-tier internet connection.
  • If the Nucleus+ is attached to a satellite, attach it instead to the main upstream router. Any WiFi in the upstream connection might be sufficient, in this case, to cause the timeouts we’re seeing in logs. - You can read more here about best practices for networking.
  • The Roon Partners team works closely with Linn to identify any issues. The only known Linn-side affecting Roon concerns DSD playback, and there is an available fix in testing already on Linn’s beta testing program.

I understand playback stoppage is frustrating, but all the information in front of us leaves Roon Technical Support without an actionable step here. The local network connection is outside of our control.

I recommend hardwiring the Nucleus+ directly to the router as a first step, and building back in components of your mesh network and switch setup from there.

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What’s happening?

I'm having trouble with my audio device

Nucleus plus
I have been experiencing a great deal of problems with ROON to my LINN SELEKT DSM, being Roon TESTED. I have done everything to try and correct these issues including, exchanging the DSM, installing new router and network switch etc.. I experience pausing of tracks, freezing of tracks, long delays in tracks transitioning to next track or not playing at all amongst other issues. The only thing I have not done is anything with my Nucleus Plus which I've had for about 3 years. The dealer I purchased it from is no longer a ROON dealer so I can't go back to him. I s there anything you can do for me or possibly make arrangements for me to send it to you for diagnostics? Please let me know your thoughts.
Please feel free to either call or email.
Thank You
Rob Zinn
Las Vegas Nevada

So, in case your Linn is connected via Ethernet cable please check if you can enable “flow control” for the network port the Linn is connected to.
This is done in the router’s/switch’s port configuration.
roon recommends so for any router or managed switch a roon endpoint like your Linn is connected to.

@Robert_Zinn, can you explain more about the switch you have installed, specifically the manufacturer and model number, as well as the brand and type/category of Ethernet cables you are using?

Ah, roon tested, not roon ready. So, you rather have a different connection with the Linn than Ethernet, right? Which one?

Hi @Robert_Zinn,

I’ve merged your new post into your existing support topic … just wondering if you missed @connor reply above?


No “Flow Control” adjustment on Amazon EEROS router.

NETGEAR 16-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch (GS116NA) - Desktop or Wall Mount,

The ethernet connection is fine as I have tested with other high end streaming devices.

NETGEAR 16-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch (GS116NA) - Desktop or Wall Mount,

Don’t know brand of ethernet, but I’m using am 75" CAT5 line run from EEROS router outside house then back in. Have tested connection, very stable, speeds measured 200-300mbps via ethernet to pc connection.