Playback problems on T+A devices with Roon 1.7

In order to avoid any playback problems with T+A devices and the latest Roon system version 1.7 we recommend to update the firmware of all Roon-Ready T+A devices.

To install the latest firmware release, please proceed as follows (the procedure is identical for all T+A devices):

1.) make sure that your T+A device is connected to the internet.
2.) switch ON your device and wait until the streaming client is up and running
3.) press the SYS button of your remote control to enter the System Setup menu
4.) navigate to the “ DEVICE INFO ” menu item at the bottom of the list
5.) press “ OK
6.) navigate to the “ UPDATE ” menu item
7.) press “ OK
8.) with the Cursor_Left / Cursor_Right buttons select “ WEB
9.) press “ OK
10.) the message “ start WEB update ” will appear
11.) press “ OK ” again
12.) “ start WEB update ” will get highlighted
13.) press “ OK ” again
14.) now a message “ Please wait ” will appear - the update process has begun.

Now please wait until the update process has completed - this may last several minutes - please be patient. The device will automatically switch OFF after the update has finished.
You can now switch the device ON again.

To check if the update was successful you can again enter the System Menu with the SYS button. Navigate down to “Device Info” and press “OK”. Navigate down to the “Client” menu item. The client version should now be displayed as “ V1.1.6c ” (or higher).