Playback / RAM Usage after update (solved)

Hi guys,

Setup: Late 2012 Mac Mini 4 GB with latest OSX.
2 x external USB Harddrives 1,5 and 2 TB. Around 50.000 files.
Audio Interface: Manunta HiFace EVO TWO

Since the 1.3 (200) Update we are seeing some strange behaviour.
Launching the Core takes waaay longer than with 1.2.
Playback stops every few minutes and sometimes the Audio Device (Manunta) is disconnected.
I ran a RAM watcher and could observe that ROON was using a lot of RAM and it increases dramatically until 3.8 GB and then playback stops. Cleaning up RAM back down to 2.x GB helps for awhile - bit it only takes 2-3 tracks until its full again.
Anyone else have this problem?

Hi Chris

I also run Roon (Core) on a 2012 Mac Mini - but haven’t noticed this behaviour. I have 16GB RAM and RoonAppliance (in Activity Monitor) consumes about 1.5GB of memory.


  • check Roon isn’t still analysing audio
  • check your storage locations
  • check Roon’s CPU usage in Activity Monitor (if it’s more than 10% something is amiss)
  • consider buying more RAM (it’s cheap)

Hi Simon,

thanks for the swift reaction.
My Core is still scanning like crazy - using 90% CPU in average doing so…
I am now at almost 2 Mio files…dont know what these all are as I have around 50.000 music tracks on two drives…
I hope it doesnt scan the whole Internet…:wink:

I will let you know what the CPU usage will be when the process is fnished…


Hi again,

looks like theres something wrong with my 1.5 TB drive.
It has 37000 music files on it and is scanning for hours 2 MIO files and counting
The other drive is a 2 TB of the same make and it has 14000 music files on and the scan goes to about 30000 and its done in a few minutes…

Any idea?

Well, it sounds like you need to take that drive out of the equation:

  • remove suspect drive as a storage location in Roon
  • make sure suspect drive is backed up
  • run diagnostics (Apple Drive Utility, etc.)

If Drive Utility can’t fix it, reformat the drive (making sure it’s backed up), or just replace it (drives are cheap), then restore your music from backup, and add as a storage location in Roon.

Hi, I just unmounted the drive and ran the first aid thing on it.
Remounted it in ROON and there we go again same scan crazyness.
When the Drive is unmounted in ROON the System plays well and CPU usage is around 30% with no hickups.

Think I am getting a new drive…

Will let you know
Thanks for helping mate

USB WD Drive had a problem - copied all 50K files to a NAS and working fine now. Love 1.3

Thanks for helping