Playback skips to next track

The odd skip still occurs and it has happened in each zone. The only commonality is that it only occurs with a streaming Tidal track. Has not happened with anything from my local library.

Hello @Mark_Dabielski ,

Thank you for letting us know the timestamp of the last skip, we’ve activated diagnostics mode for your account and a new log set has been uploaded from your Core to our servers. We’re going to discuss this trace with our QA team and revert back to you once we have done so, thanks in advance for your patience!

Hello @Mark_Dabielski ,

Thank you for your patience here! I wanted to let you know that our team is still looking into this issue, there have been a few similar reports and we are investigating. I don’t have any specific timelines I can provide just yet, but we’ll be sure to update everyone when we have more information. Thanks!

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