Playback stops a few seconds into a particular track on airplay

The final 12-minute track of an album stops consistently 18secs in when played back via my airplay zone.

Playing the track to a different zone (eg, my laptop) works properly. Both zones have volume leveling and crossfade of 5 secs.

The track is an mp3 on the local filesystem of the roon server.
core is V 1.2 build 165 64bit (on an intel NUC-6i5SYH, Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS)

How should I go about diagnosing this?

Hi @will_welch ---- Thank you for the report and the feedback. Out of curiosity is there any silence at the end of the track in question?


The track is steady volume all the way to the end (playing to my
laptop zone).

But – the little sound level histogram that is rendered over the
play position indicator displays as flatline beyond that 18second mark
where airplay shuts off.

Turning off Volume Leveling for the airplay zone allows the track to play to the end.

Hi @will_welch ----- Thank you for following up and sharing this most recent observation with me. Would you be able to send me the Mp3 in question via a dropbox link in a PM? We would like to test with the media in house.


Hi @will_welch ----- I wanted to confirm that we have received the media and that it has been placed in our queue for testing. I will follow back up with our thoughts / findings once we have had a chance to investigate further. We appreciate your patience!


I think Roon just knew it was my least favorite track from the album.

Looking forward to advice on volume leveling for airplay.

Hi @will_welch ----- Thank you for your patience while we have been investigating this issue. Our developers have been unable to reproduce this behavior in house and would like to take a look at your logs. I will be contacting you via PM momentarily with instructions.