Playing a new track when one already playing

When I am playing a track in Roon, and I choose to play a new one when the other one is still playing, there seems to be a 1 second overlap or so and then the music stops! This only seems to happen when the new track is from a different album. :frowning:

Just noticed that this can happen when selecting a different track from the same album also. I just tried selecting a new one whilst one was playing, and the playback just stopped altogether.

what output are you using?

Just now on my trial on my laptop, “system output”.

do you have crossfading on?

I don’t think crossfade is on - at least, when I check it says that crossfade is set to 0 seconds.

I’ve been trying to reproduce this and I’m not having any luck, so I think I need some more information.

I know you said you’re using System Output, but what is the sound card? Is it built in, or something connected like a DAC?

Can you describe what you’re seeing a little more? You’re hearing two songs overlap? And then playback stops completely? Anything else involved?

What type of content are you using when this happens? Is it all content? Streaming content? What formats?

Sorry for all the questions, but we haven’t seen this before, so I need to be able to actually see this issue happen, before we can look into fixing it.

Thanks for your help here @extracampine – looking forward to figuring out what’s going on!

I’m using a Macbook Air (2013 model) and playing through the laptop speakers - so the sound card is built in.

What is happening (with some tracks - not all - but I haven’t found out why it happens with some and not others) is that the next song appears to start playing according to the seekbar, but instead the existing song keeps playing and then stops after 1-2 seconds. I had also previously noticed that there had been some overlap of the 2 songs. I just went through a bunch of tracks, and it only happened once out of every 8 or so track changes.