Playing A, switching to album B - Album A continues

Roon Core Machine

IOS 15.4.1 / IPad 11 Pro
Playing to my Devialet Phantom 95’s.

Description Of Issue


If I pick album A on my computer it plays great.

However, when I want to switch to album B using my iPhone it won’t steam to Devialet. It sticks with Album A only. Thoughts?


Peter, on your iPhone, have you selected the Devialet as the Zone to be playing? Roon has identified some issues with Devialet endpoints this week that they are investigating. Your issue may be part of that, but wanted to ask about Zones first.

Yes I have. What I have tried is clearing all queues on Mac & IPhone. Its playing to Devialet now. Lets see how it continues.

Thank you for your reply!

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