Playing Artist Collection

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IMac Roon Core build 710

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Description Of Issue

When I press Play/Shuffle on an Artist page, tracks are played NOT from my library, but from the Main Tidal selections. If I have the track/album in my library, it still plays the Main Library source track. This is very bothersome, because the artist images I have added for the album or track in my library are not displayed when the track is played – only the primary artist image. Since I have added up to 10 images for albums, I want to see them! It would be my preference to shuffle just from my own artist library, or to be able to select My Library Only or Library+ Tidal. In the latter, it should never shuffle a track from the Main Library that I have in My Library.

If there is a a way to accomplish this via existing controls, please advise. I could not find one.

Thanks for your help with this.

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