Playing Audio to an iPhone 6+

I have Roon software installed on my Macbook Pro running OS X 10.11.4. I can play music directly through the Macbook Pro to an AudioEngine DAC and then to two Audio Engine desktop speakers. I also have Roon installed remotely on a Macbook Air, which I use to play music through a MSB Analog DAC and a much larger stereo system.

I also have Roon installed remotely on my iPad and iPhone 6+. My question is this: I can easily use Roon on the iPhone 6+ as a remote to play music through the Macbook Pro + AudioEngine DAC or the Macbook Air + MSB Analog DAC, but I cannot figure out how to set it – the iPhone 6+ – up to play music from my library (which resides on the Macbook Pro) through the iPhone using headphones. How do you do that? I’m sure there must be a way – and that the Roon iPhone app is not just a remote. I would appreciate any help someone can provide to talk me through this set up.

Mark Salkind


I removed your email address from your post, it isn’t necessary.

Currently, iPhones and iPads can only act as remotes. They cannot currently playback music.

This feature has been requested by other users, but I don’t know if it will be added in the future or not.

Hope that helps.

Cheers, Greg

Here’s more details why it can’t.

Thanks, Greg, for the quick response. I do hope the ability to play music through an iPhone or an iPad will be added in the very near future.

– Mark

Roon has explained this in another thread, it’s related to restrictions in Apples architecture which is not easy for Roon to overcome with there own architecture.

One way to listen to your Music on an iPhone is via an added software on your Mac and on your iPhone. Look for Airfoil and Satelite from rogue amoebe. It’s far from perfect, but works very well.

Another Airfoil user here. It does the job until Roon figures out how best to handle this.

Can’t get Airfoil output on my iPhone 6. Any assistance or suggestions would be appreciated, thanks!