Playing DSD 256 files via Squeezebox to the Nagra Classic DAC

My HD DAC displays this (playing the same album :slight_smile: )

Mikeal, made the Screenshots after changing some of the items in the setup. Now, it is working as suggested by you! Thx again! Was really a lot of help! Greetings


Core and DAC are Roon ready?
So why ALSA not RAAT.

Roon tested not roon ready.

Hmm… ok then.

Really learned a lot! Thx guys!

@Mikeal: is it possible to hear the difference using the HD DAC … sorry to say, rather expensive :frowning:

I tried both the HD and the Classic DACs. The HD doesn’t need a pre-amp, and that’s obviously an advantage in some set-ups. In my system, the addition of a pre-amp (Nagra Classic) was better - mainly because it could drive a pair of sub-woofers. In other words, I don’t there is a clear answer to your question. Incidentally, I understand that the HD DAC has now been replaced by the Tube DAC.


Thx to share your experience! Greetings

Jumping Jehoshaphat! I had no idea of the cost of that “lower cost point” :crazy_face: :money_mouth_face:

Sorry, haven’t heard the Classic DAC in a known environment.
But where i have heard it, i feel the differences are small. It’s like @Jack_Bolton says, if you need the preamp and headphone output it might be a better fit. But as a straight up DAC i believe i would be very happy with the Classic! :slight_smile:

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Hi @Michael_Christ,

Thanks for letting us know that you were able to resolve this issue after identifying the device!

Yes, thx again for the great support! Learned a lot although I do not technically understand the reasons to make these kind of adjustments :wink:

Now you can understand why I suggested you dont use Squeezbox as the path to the dac.

Anyway enjoy. Nagra make great kit if you can afford it.


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