Playing music on Sonos and Marantz

I am using a Nucleus+, Roon version 1.6 (build 416)

It is connected via ethernet to my home network. Roon plays my main system through a dCS Bartok DAC, connected via Ethernet

Description Of Issue

My Nucleus+ is connected to my home network via Ethernet. I can play files through my main system over a network-connected dCS Bartok DAC without difficulty, but not through other network-connect sources. In particular, I cannot get Roon to play through either my Sonos portable units, or to my Marantz AV8801 receiver. The Sonos units are connected to my home network via WiFi, the Marantz is connected via ethernet. Both worked flawlessly through Roon in the past, but not now. “Past” was when I was using Roon on a Mac mini (rather than Nucleus+), and several versions/builds ago.

Any suggests for problem solving? The Sonos and Marantz show up under the Roon Audio tab, and I enabled both, but no music comes out (Sonos works fine through the Sonos app).

Many thanks

I just added a SonoS Connect to my setup to Feed my whole house system as a Roon endpoint. All I had to do was set it up as a fixed output and it sent the music to my amp that feeds that set-up. I wondered why I wasn’t getting sound ‘till I reset it to fixed out.

Hi @Peter_Zorn,

Is there any difference in how the Nucleus+ is connected to the networked compared to the previous Mac Mini?

Are you playing to a group of Sonos Zones or a single Sonos Zone? If you’re playing to a group, can you confirm if things work when playing to a single Zone?

Can you share a screenshot of the Signal Path when playing to each of these Zones?

Embarrassingly, after unplugging all Sonos equipment for a couple minutes, and then reconnecting, everything now works. Should have done this first thing. Thanks for you help and suggestions. Sorry to have bothered you. My appologies.

FYI: same network connection (just unplugged ethernet from Mac Mini and plugged into Nucleus), and was playing as a single Sone zone, not a group.

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