Playing Now from composers still broken in Roon 1.8 (763), but different behaviour

macOS: selecting the “Playing Now” Button is unresponsive (the progress bar is animated) for about 25 seconds before returning message “Unexpected error: limiting Roon Radio to Library”. Roon then plays an unrelated track from Qobuz (eg. Dusty Springfield from Composer Johann Sebastian Bach).

That’s right - even Bach, who “worked” for me before, has now stopped …

Hi @Daren_Peacock

This should be working now, but if you’re seeing any issues please let us know!

Hi @dylan

The problems remain I’m afraid. The screenshots are after selecting the “play now” buttons.

@noris This problem still persists in Build 778.

@dylan this is still broken

Hi @Daren_Peacock

Apologies for the delay here. The team let me know that they deployed a new fix for this today, and upon testing things seem to be working as expected. Please give it a try and let me know if you’re still seeing any problems!

Thanks Dylan. It’s working now.

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