Playing order when an Album is selected

I’m sure Roon’ies complain either way…but I like that when you choose an album, the songs are played in a random order…or that’s how it use to be…now it seems when I pick an album it plays the first through the last song in order they are in on the album. Is there somewhere where that is an Option ???

Open the queue.

At the top, tap/click on the shuffle icon


Ensure shuffle is selected as one of the play options for Albums in Settings.

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You Da Man!

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!!!

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You like that? To each his own, but many albums (most classical, any concept albums, all opera and operetta) are intended to be played as recorded - they tell a story! But anyway, my problem is deeper in Roon’s interface.

By searching i finally found that Shuffle like is my culprit. I was certain it was not because there was no icon telling me that shuffle was engaged. Now i consider shuffle to be a MAJOR distortion since basically, all the notes are wrong :slight_smile: But the fact remains that unless i go digging i have no warning of what’s going on. Even when i finally found shuffle, i could not figure out what was on and what was off - and there was no “mouse over” to tell me (a UI boo-boo).

This is a pretty big flaw IMO - and frankly easily fixed if anyone cares:

  1. always warn users when music is being mucked with - technically, play order, whatever.
  2. Have mouse overs to make state clear
  3. Have settings revert to normal unless one specifies “do this permanently”

I gave up and played vinyl.

if anyone can confirm how to know immediately what’s up, or how to banish settines like shuffle entirely, please let me know. If i want to play out of order i can select things.


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So you think that by engaging Shuffle instead playing them in Album order, it changes the sound? Is that what you are claiming?


You don;t see the smiley? I’m being a little ironic but if you play song A vs Song B you don’t think the sound changes? :slight_smile: Does “nobody home” sound like “The Trial”? Distortion! I’m pretty sure if you do a AES null test on those two it will fail miserably.

Shuffle is a mas market feature born of pop albums with no apparent structure to them - individual songs, some hits, some filler. My point is that its just wrong, unless specifically intended. And the mysterious UI makes it a common problem ( i had not problem finding scores of others with the same frustration). Did i hit shuffle? Maybe, but the very fact that i would never do so, and didn’t know it, and could not find visual evidence (its not like i didn’t consider the idea of shuffle) and yet it was engaged says it all.

And people have been complaining since 2019 without a fix. So some prodding is in order.

OK…I guess I did not notice your humor…which I usually do ;-)…But I’m a 5 year Roonie and I cannot tell any difference between Shuffle and regular album order…and I’m of the impression…with test results, my ears are above average for a dude about to start his 8th decade next month. I will do another comparison tonight, to see if there is a difference…I happen to like shuffle because on well known albums, I enjoy a different play order than the artist intended sometimes. Now I’m not talking about Roon Radio because I’m talking about one artist only. I have been a serious music listener for many decades as well and Roon is the finest playback software I have ever had the pleasure to use since I abandoned vinyl some 20 years ago. With custom Convolutions for Room Correction, installed in Roon, my system has never sounded as good as it does now!!! Distortion? I’ve never noticed that for sure…well Ok I did toast one of my Power Amps channels several years ago…boy there was distortion then… :rofl:

When the Shuffle indicator is blue, then it’s on. The indicator is always on the queue screen.

For years, I’ve complained about the way Roon handles Shuffle.

yes, thanks. I finally figured out blue vs black. So intuitive (not). The problems (not to you, to Roon) are:

  1. no mouseover so i have to guess what blue means. On a traffic light it means, wait its not on a traffic light.
  2. Its on the queue screen, not the album playing screen, totally not obvious when listening in normal mode.


Roon like their oddities. Took me ages to remember how to turn repeat off as I managed to turn it on once and couldn’t remember how to turn it off. It’s like why isn’t transfer zone in with the zone selector. Why does the zone selector shift position on the queue? Drives me nuts but still love Roon for its odd design choices.

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I think maybe you mean “despite”… but certainly its love-hate, not hate.

What i am not happy with is the unresponsiveness, as they add relatively useless new features, but fail to fix both bugs and UI junkiness. I will admit Roon radio generally works better than most of its competitors.