The Unbearable Persistence of Shuffle

I got sandbagged again today. In the morning I listened to a Shuffled jazz playlist and in the afternoon I tried to listen to some Mahler. We all know what happened. A shuffled symphony doesn’t make much sense.

I’ve gone through several iterations on how to address this.

Iteration #1 - Turn Shuffle off when a queue finishes. That is, the message “Go find something to play” is displayed… Problem is that, I suppose some people want Shuffle on all the time.

Iteration #2 - Have a switch that tells how one wants Shuffle to work. That is, whether it should persist until turned off or whether it should be turned off when the queue is ended. Problem is that, another switch is a kludge and a blight on society.

Iteration #3 - So simple. When a queue is started save the state of the Shuffle. When the queue ends, restore that state. If Shuffle was on to begin the queue, it will be set to on when queue ends and if off then it will be set to off.

This way everyone will be happy, but more importantly I will be happy.

This probably affects only those who listen to a mix of classical and something else, but still…

I am guessing the queue is a C++ object, so a new variable and a line of code in both the Constructor and Destructor. Give me the source and I’ll code it for you. :smirk:


If you use Shuffle from the play menu on the playlist it shuffles the tracks for playback but doesn’t enable global Shuffle. Makes life easier if you just use that to shuffle on-demand IMO.

This only works for playlists?

You can shuffle albums and compositions from the play menu too

Sorry, don’t follow what you mean by this.

The Play Now button has a menu associated with it, that has Shuffle as a Play Action.

Here you can add the contents of a playlist, album or composition to the queue shuffled for playback but without enabling global shuffle;

Aha, I had to turn on that option.

That’s better. Thanks.

My feature request is still in effect, but my ire is lessened.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes sorry I forgot to say that it isnt enabled by default for albums.

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Very simple to enable it though so no big deal

How so?

This is actually an adjunct to the conversation here: Shuffle "switch" toggle off by default

Not an ‘adjunct’, but a different Feature Request.

Please don’t provoke a merge by the @moderators

@Tim_Rhodes, thanks for that. I had not found that switch.

I second @xxx; I was NOT, (really NOT, NOT) suggesting that the threads be merged. I still want Shuffle off by default on play :slight_smile:


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