Playing Same Roon Queue in Multiple Zones at the same time


This lifetime subscriber, having searched high and low, would love to know if I can play one play queue on my Lanai location and my Great Room location at the same time?

I understand how to transfer zones, that is not what I mean. I want to activate both zones off of one queue.

So both areas are playing the same song at the same pace. In a larger home it is nice to be able to have the same music playing all around.

Thank you for helping me out with this and if it is not available, perhaps a feature request :relieved::+1:



You need to group the two zones together, and then the one play queue will play to both simultaneously.

What you may be thinking of is to be able to create a new zone with the two existing zones, and have this as a separate zone alongside the two existing zones. That’s not currently possible, but it has been raised as a feature request…

Thank you Geoff,

I would like to vote this one in as a feature request please. Appreciate the quick response.



The request was raised some time ago, so the Roon team will certainly be aware of it. I suspect that they have other things higher up on the priority list to get done. Still, it would certainly be a nice addition to the Zone/Queue functionality.

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I know this is an old Post but I am new and cannot even find how to group zones I can only find the arrows to switch Zones. Also agree it would be nice to set the Group up and than choose when you want whole house listening (When Wifey allows!) or just one zone. Thanks everyone this is an awesome group.

It’s quite possible that I haven’t understood your question, but if you click on the zone for which you have queued music (bottom right) and then hit the chain (group) icon, you can add to the group any available zone of the same type.

Okay so that may be my problem I don’t have the Chain Icon. I do have the Transfer Icon. How do I get the chain Icon.

I did group my Google nest Speakers Together so now I can stream that group (3) speakers but I would like to be able to group as many of my rooms or speakers together as I would like. I can play different songs to different speakers simultaneously but with only one of us using Roon that is pretty much useless. I can imagine too many folks using that unless you have several music enthusiasts in the household.

Thanks again

Click on the Music Roon ICON.

Music rooM.

IDK why sometimes the same questions pop-up daily (should be easy enough to see one of the other threads then)? I also don’t get what should be the point by necroposting to several years old threads.

There is documentation available that describes the how-to as well as exceptions:

And from there the, as it seems to me, very relevant exception for the current case:

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Thanks for the Link BlackJack. I must be a complete idiot but I just don’t have that Group Zone Icon when I click on the Zone that is currently playing. Everyones explanations seem very reasonable and easy but I just can’t get to the Group Zone or the chain link icon.

It would help if you listed all of your end points and what sort they are.
For example I have
Naim atom - roon ready
Blueos node - roon ready
3 Sonos
Samsung phone

I’m not sure if this helps in your case, but in my case I believe it relates to Roon Readiness. I’m able to link a Bluesound node and an Allo/Rpi, but not the non- Roon ready components I have to these. I hope this helps.

Why should Roon show you a Group Zone icon if you don’t have zones eligible for grouping (in Roon)?

Hint: You can’t group Private Zones (because they are private) for example.

Hey there. Thanks for your reply and your hint is greatly appreciated.
I was hoping to suggest a possible reason that I thought may explain why @Joe_Celento couldn’t see the “chain link” icon appearing when clicking on certain endpoints/components by sharing that non-Roon ready endpoints connected to my core don’t have the “chain link” icon - that Joe referenced - whilst all my Roon ready endpoints do have the “chain link” icon.

Apologies to Joe and anyone else, it was a good faith suggestion and I didn’t mean to lead you up the wrong path or offer incorrect advice not relevant to the query through my lack of understanding of the finer points of Roon’s workings. I hope that you all have a great weekend. :blush: