Playing Same Roon Queue in Multiple Zones at the same time


This lifetime subscriber, having searched high and low, would love to know if I can play one play queue on my Lanai location and my Great Room location at the same time?

I understand how to transfer zones, that is not what I mean. I want to activate both zones off of one queue.

So both areas are playing the same song at the same pace. In a larger home it is nice to be able to have the same music playing all around.

Thank you for helping me out with this and if it is not available, perhaps a feature request :relieved::+1:



You need to group the two zones together, and then the one play queue will play to both simultaneously.

What you may be thinking of is to be able to create a new zone with the two existing zones, and have this as a separate zone alongside the two existing zones. That’s not currently possible, but it has been raised as a feature request…

Thank you Geoff,

I would like to vote this one in as a feature request please. Appreciate the quick response.



The request was raised some time ago, so the Roon team will certainly be aware of it. I suspect that they have other things higher up on the priority list to get done. Still, it would certainly be a nice addition to the Zone/Queue functionality.

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