Playing stops when MQA file (Tidal) is playbacked

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Meridian MC200 (Sooloos), Meridian 808.3 (CD Player and Pre amplifier) and Meridian 818 (Zone control and decodifier MQA files). All of them are interconnected through my home network.
MC200 is an end point where I have connected my living room zone.

In another zone I have 818 that feeds the 808.3 (analog signal). The latter acts as a preamplifier of my system.

The 818 is connected through RCA connectors to the RADIO input on 808.3.

Description Of Issue
Dear Sirs:

I have a problem with Roon in my system. I Need help.

When I’m playing an MQA file from Tidal through the 818 suddenly it stops working. This happens frequently. To solve the problem I disable the 818 on the Roon Control System: Settings -> Audio -> Disable (818). Then I Enable it again and start playing again… and stops… etc.

Please help me in order to fix this problem.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Kind regards, Miguel Leal

Hi @miguel_leal,

Just to confirm, this only happens with MQA tracks?

Have you experienced this with any other zones?

Have you tried to play any local MQA files? Do those cause the same issue?

Hello Dylan, this happens only with MQA files playback in both zones where Meridian equipments are connected. Not on my computer nor on my iPad.
Unfortunalely I don’t have local MQA files to check. Thanks!

Hi @miguel_leal,

You can find a few local MQA files for testing on the 2L Test Bench (right-click on the file size -> save as). Can you please see if local MQA also has the same behavior?

Hello Noris:
I checked with the local MQA file as you suggested me, but also, last weekend we changed the internet supplier in my home (now with OF) and I have not noticed the problem even with MQA files from Tidal.
Thank you and I will be in touch if the problem returns again.

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Thanks for the update @miguel_leal, do let me know how it goes!

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