Playlist - How to play from here [Answered]

I have an extensive playlist that I use as a mini library for my most played music. If I select a song from that list to play when the selection finishes Roon goes to the “radio” how can I configure the “playlist” to stay in the playlist and play the next song in the list. Thank you.

Hi Richard,

I think you are using the new “Once Click - xxx” icon (small triangle far left of track) …

You have two options:
Goto Roon’s Settings and re-configure “Track Play Option Preference”

or don’t use this button, instead just click on the track in the playlist and then select:

Hope this helps.

P.S. Unless disabled “Radio” play starts when the queue becomes empty.


Thank you, maybe I was unclear. What happens is I select a song from my playlist by clicking on it, that song plays then Roon goes to “radio”. I would like it if Roon played the next song on my playlist not go to radio.

  • What version / build of a Roon are you running?
  • Is this on a Mac, PC, iOS Tablet, iOS phone or Android?
  • Where on the screen are you clicking?

It will if you click on the “Play From Here” menu button … or reconfigure the one click action in Roon’s settings.

Did you try what I suggested? I’m struggling to understand why it does not work for you.

Thank you Carl, I must be doing something wrong. I will figure it out.

Hi Richard,

I can replicate what you are seeing by touching the Track and then selecting “Play Now” in the pop up menu. That plays the track and then starts Radio.

To do what you want, you could either select “Play From Here” in the pop up menu, or configure the Track Play button (leftmost triangle) to the Play From Here action as described by Carl and use it.

Thank you that does it. Cheers