Playlist importing from Apple Music

Hoi, I am having the same problems as above: Roon is not importing playlists from the xml file I exported into the ‘music’ folder where all the media files are and which I have selected Roon to watch! I tried everything I read about it on this forum… but sofar no result!! Roon shows me the playlists from 6 months ago when I moved the core from an older laptop to this Imac I use now. Both Roon and Apple’s Music run On the same Imac (one year old) I really look for forward on getting this fixed!

Hi again, I solved the problem! In my Language ‘Dutch’ Apple’s Music calls the XML File 'Bibliotheek.xml… Roon only sees files called ‘library.xml’ ! And it is working! All my play lists are updated now! Thnx anyway!

Hey @Ronald_Merkuur, glad you found a solution! Please let us know if you have further issues.

huge thanks. taken in consideration that my language is Italian i think i have same problem. hopefully it would get fixed

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You can do it yourself by renaming the .xml file into 'library.xml… that wil do the job!
You still have to export your library from ‘Music’ manually


Thank you very much! My library’s name was Mediathek.xml…

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