Playlist labeled unavailable

I have compilied a playlist called Roon. YesterdayI when to listen to music and almost every song in my playlist is labeled available next to each song even though I can still search and listen to individual songs. Please help.

Hi Steven,

Could you shut down Roon (or Roon Server, whichever you’re using as your core) and restart the app? See if that helps.

Cheers, Greg

I have done this many times. I have restarted Roon Server at least 10-15 times. I Have restarted the MicroRendu and my Dac many times but nothing seems to restore the ability to play from the playlist.

Thanks Steven,

Just to confirm, you exclusively listen to Tidal tracks, correct?

Let’s flag @Support for help.

Cheers, Greg

Yes I use a Roon Server on a wireless PC and my Micro rendu is connected by usb to my dac. I use a Samsung tablet as a wireless remote. I have no local files of music and listen exclusively to Tidal. Most of the time through playlists.

Just to confirm, when I mentioned restarting Roon Server, I meant the app and not the machine.

Also, do other playlists work?

Cheers, Greg

Yes I have restarted the app many times. I have even restarted the machine multiple times. It seem that even the playlisted that are from Tidal do not work. The Roon playlist was formed not in Tidal but in Roon itself.

Greg if I shut down the computer with Roon Server on it won’t that also shut down the app?

No, in this case you want to quit the Roon Server app and then restart.

Cheers, Greg

I have also done that many times.

Just to confirm, if you view a Tidal Album in your library, does it play?

Can you play Tidal content in the Tidal app?

Also, have you tried Settings>Services>Edit and Logout of Tidal. Then log back in?

Cheers, Greg

Sorry Greg I play Tidal through Roon on a Samsung tablet (Roon Remote). Using Tidal alone it functions properly. When I use Roon through the Samsung all songs in any playlist including the playlist I compiled in Roon above each song there is a red unavailable. I have also logged out and back in of Tidal in the settings of Roon

I can still play songs but just on at a time not through a playlist.

Very strange.

Let get @eric to help.

Cheers, Greg

I also have downloaded Roon (control and core) on the same desktop that is running Roon Server and although the playlist I downloaded on the Roon server app is not there I can play the Tidal playlists through the remote.

Greg I got it working what I had to do is uninstall the Roon remote app on my Samsung tablet and re-install and it is now working. I am assumming that you didn’t change anything in my account. Thanks for your help. Steve

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