Playlist (local iTunes) not synced

Hey, the songs are not showing up inside the Roon playlist (myplaylist). The tracks are synced but not the playlist which is somehow weird. Maybe I am missing settings in iTunes to trigger the sync? Under skipped files nothing is shown up either.

Appreciate the @support


Hi @Jan_Reinmueller,

If you try to scroll down the playlist, these tracks do not appear?
Are the missing tracks in the same storage location as the other ones that do appear?

Hey @support No sadly not. I attached a better screenshot.

All are in the same storage location. However, what I observed is the following I exported via iTunes a new library FILE → LIBRARY → EXPORT LIBRARY (it is the library.xml in the screenshot below) and suddenly the files are showing up. Does it mean the playlist was not updated inside the apple music library? Do note that the song files itself showed up nicely in Roon.

Thanks for help.

Hello @Jan_Reinmueller ,

Yes, this is expected behavior, you have to manually export the iTunes XML to see updated tracks in your playlist.

That doesn’t make sense. Why are all other songs are showing up? @support

Hi @Jan_Reinmueller

This was a change when Apple went from iTunes to the Music app. The XML file no longer updates automatically so the export must be done in order to update playlists.

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