Playlist name doen't show from one device to another

I’ve noticed that if someone starts playing a playlist from a Roon control device in my house, then I access Roon via another control device, Roon doesb’t tell me what playlist it is playing (beyond the tracks, obviously). It would be nice to know what has been selected and what is playing.

Additionally, I’ve just set up a Roon control app on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 (running Android version 8.0.0), and I get a thin, flickering white line across the top of the screen when running Roon (as though the app’s active screen doesn’t quite extend high enough). Very odd, because I don’t get this on any other app, so unlikely to be a fault with the device.

Hi @Vaughan_Barnacle,

Can you share screenshots of what is different between the two remotes? What are you wanting to see on one remote that is showing on the other?

We currently have a ticket open for this with our development team. I can’t provide any timeframes for this, but we will be sure to keep everyone updated when new information is available.


Re the playlist title issue: not wanting to see anything different on another device: I just would like all roon remotes to show what playlist is playing, otherwise it’s like showing only the tracks when an album is playing. (Sometimes tracks are part of several playlists, so some detective work is required to find out which playlist is in play.)

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