Playlist questions [Solved]

  1. If one goes to the queue and empty it, but have shuffle turned on, then select any playlist and hit play, the playlist goes into the queue and is shuffled, but the first song in the queue is always the first song in the playlist. Is there a way to get a playlist to play in a completely random order including which is the first track to play?

  2. When you click Play Playlist and then Play Radio, it isn’t clear what happens. For starters, what is the “seed” that Radio is using, the first track in the playlist, a random track from the playlist that it chooses to play first (which is what I suspect is happening), or somehow using all the tracks in the playlist? Is it possible to have Radio create a station using only the tracks in a playlist?

  3. Is there a way to use Roon to create something akin to an iTunes genius playlist, i.e., you pick a song and it creates a playlist/queue that you could then edit and augment (as opposed to Radio that doesn’t create a queue unless you actually listen to the songs and can only be augmented or edited via add to playlist after the fact).

  1. yah that sounds bad, ill put in a work item
  2. it uses all the tracks in the playlist
  3. click a track and hit radio. use thumbs up/down to build your queue. you can augment by picking music and doing add-to-queue instead of play/radio – the queue is your playground

work done. Item 1 will be in the next build.

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